FKM aims to make certification of statistics a main quality label of German exhibitions. When planning for exhibitions and monitoring their success exhibitors need to focus more on facts and be sure of reliable exhibition data.

For this reason the 60-plus German exhibition organisers belonging to FKM, the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics, aim to take a more pro-active approach to offering FKM’s services to their customers. These services include providing exhibitor and visitor statistics for some 300 exhibitions and above all comprehensive visitor breakdowns, which are obtained according to a uniform set of rules and are verified by an auditor. From now on exhibitions audited by FKM are to be designated “FKM-certified” in order to make it even clearer that data supplied by FKM is transparent and reliable and hence trustworthy.

The media employed by exhibition organisers will be featuring FKM even more prominently in order to underline this new approach. The organisers will be promoting certification of their exhibitions by FKM along with the FKM logo, banners and advertisements on websites and in brochures and catalogues.

Furthermore, FKM’s website at now features a new concept. It presents certified exhibitor and visitor statistics and the basic certification rules, offers tips for making use of data and has information on FKM’s role as a provider of services for everyone involved with exhibitions.

The logo has been changed and in it, the green checkmark now gives certified, quality exhibition data the thumbs up. Advertisements and banners promote the information available from FKM in a self-assured, easy-going but also objective manner, along with the need to make trade fair preparations based on facts with headlines such as “Overview: over here“ or “For planners who leave nothing to chance“.

The aim is to make exhibitors and other audiences such as consultants and associations even more aware of the benefit of certified exhibition data and to provide businesses exhibiting at these events with greater planning certainty and to ensure greater success.