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FKM is a strong partner for the exhibiting industry in Germany and the whole world – a partner which inspires confidence. For five decades we have supplied decision-makers in companies with certified exhibitor and visitor data for exhibitions in Germany. Because only facts are a solid basis for objective evaluations and decisions – this is how successful exhibitions are planned.

Find out more about the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics, our services, our standards and our audit procedures.

Certified exhibition data is our trademark.

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Michael Koehler new member of the FKM Board

8 December 2023|0 Comments

The 44-year-old was unanimously elected to the Board as 2nd Deputy Chairman.

Trade fairs in Europe: UFI publishes statistics for 2021

5 January 2023|0 Comments

The current brochure "Euro Fair Statistics 2021" with certified exhibitor and visitor figures.

Jochen Koeckler new Chairman of the FKM

8 December 2022|0 Comments

The shareholders' meeting unanimously elected its new leadership.

What the experts say
» Transparent answers to the most important question of our customers
Wolfgang Marzin

President and CEO
Messe Frankfurt GmbH

“FKM data are the better exhibition data. They are objective, trustworthy, reliable and comparative. They enable Messe Frankfurt to provide its customers with transparent answers to the most important question: will my target group be represented? It’s also important for us to precisely analyse where we can improve, in order to meet the needs of our partners, exhibitors and visitors. FKM data help Messe Frankfurt continue to be the best partner to different industries for bringing people in their business together.”

Dr. Jochen Koeckler

Chairman of the Managing Board
Deutsche Messe AG

“Exhibitions can only be successful if they provide maximum transparency for exhibitors and visitors. Transparency is a key precondition for a trusting and honest collaboration between exhibition organisers and their customers. For this reason, we have the visitor structure analyses for our exhibitions certified by FKM.”

» Transparency of key exhibition figures is important for the success of trade fairs
Johannes Kirsch

Senior Director International Affairs
ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers‘ Association

“Trade fairs still are one of the most important marketing instruments, especially when it comes to products and services that are in need of explanation. Comparability and transparency of key exhibition figures are important tools for ensuring and evaluating the success of trade fairs. We as an association promote the value of FKM examined trade fairs to the benefit of our member companies.”

» Very good tool for better evaluating the success of trade fairs
Jennifer Goldenstede

Head of Foreign Trade & Export Promotion

„We regard the FKM as a very good tool for better evaluating the success of trade fairs by means of comparable data. It is important for us as an association to have objective parameters so that we can reliably assess the advantages of trade fairs for our various industries. This allows us to make informed decisions regarding the association’s involvement in specific trade fairs.”

» Certified statistics and visitor analyses are an invaluable help for our members
Thilo Brodtmann

Executive Director
VDMA, the German Engineering Association

“Trade fairs are the most important but also the most complex marketing instrument that the mechanical engineering industry has at its disposal. That is why special attention needs to be paid when selecting the right trade fair, planning a trade fair exhibit and subsequently evaluating its success. The certified trade fair statistics and visitor analyses provided by the FKM are invaluable in helping our members to carry out these tasks.”

» The secret to gaining people’s trust is hard facts rather than many words
Hans Peter Schneider

Managing Director
Messe Bremen

“The secret to gaining people’s trust is hard facts rather than many words, and that is what we deliver thanks to the auditing of our trade fair statistics by FKM. Our trade fairs have chosen this instrument as an indispensable quality seal that sets them apart from other international events. It makes it possible to secure the participation of exhibitors by presenting them not only with modern trade fair concepts but reliable statistics as well.”

» Certified key figures are a solid foundation for planning the success at trade fairs
Roland Bleinroth

Managing Director
Landesmesse Stuttgart

“Trade fairs are ideal networking opportunities, as they are among the best instruments, if not the best, for marketing products that must be explained, and are the most efficient way to make personal contact with the customer. That is why certified key figures are all the more important for planning the success at trade fairs. Certification by FKM gives our customers a solid foundation on which to base these plans.”

» Transparent, quality statistics which benefit everyone concerned
Christoph Hinte

Managing Director

“Innovative and forward-looking companies in particular make very successful use of trade fairs as part of their marketing strategy. Despite being an emotive platform whose defining element is personal dialogue trade fairs require rational preparation. That is the only way to fully exploit their wide-ranging potential. FKM provides relevant and reliable planning data and stands for transparent, quality statistics which benefit everyone concerned.“

» The necessary important data – reliable and independently audited
Gerald Boese

Chief Executive Officer
Koelnmesse GmbH

”New exhibitors in particular need planning certainty for their participation in trade fairs – and FKM provides the necessary important data, which is reliable and has been independently audited. For us it is essential that the money spent by our exhibitors on trade fairs is worthwhile, because the success of our customers is that of Koelnmesse.“

» Auditing is like a trade fair maintenance check
Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann

Chief Executive Officers
NürnbergMesse GmbH

“For us auditing by FKM is rather like a trade fair maintenance check. In addition to looking at their own criteria list customers refer to our certified and well-publicised FKM statistics in order to select the ‘right’ trade fair.“

» The heart of a successful relationship between trade fair organisers and their customers
Martin Buhl-Wagner

Chief Executive Officer
Leipziger Messe GmbH

“The certified data supplied by FKM is at the heart of a successful relationship between trade fair organisers and their customers. It guarantees transparency and creates an atmosphere of trust. FKM’s quality seal provides exhibitors and visitors with a decision-making tool that enables them to better assess the marketplace that trade fairs represent.”

» Thanks to FKM events are even more transparent
Bernd Aufderheide

Chief Executive Officer
Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

„For Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, being able to compare reliable trade fair statistics has a high priority. Thanks to FKM events are even more transparent. That increases confidence among long-standing exhibitors and makes it easier to attract new customers. Such transparency is greatly valued by our business partners.”

» An outstanding basis for an initial assessment of a fair’s potential
Nils Passoter

Head of International Fair Management
Weidmüller Interface

„We make use of FKM s figures in particular for planning our annual trade fair programme. This reliable and certified data provides an outstanding basis for an initial assessment of a fairs potential.

50 years FKM
FKM 1967 Anuga Köln

A partner to industry for five decades

In 1965, six exhibition companies agreed to set up uniform standards for determining exhibition statistics and visitor numbers, and in 1966 FKM was founded.

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