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For effective marketing of your FKM membership, we offer our shareholders a wide range of advertising products and logos in various different versions and sizes. In this Media Centre you will find a selection of the most frequently used motifs and formats to download. If you first need to see an overview of the advertising products, with tips on how to use them, you can download them here.

However, if you require a particular format, just give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to tell you about our advertising products and find the right one to meet your needs.

The key element in corporate design is the logo. The FKM logo must only be used in its original form. It may therefore not be recreated or altered in any way at all. Essentially there are two versions of the logo: the general FKM logo and the FKM logo with “certified” added. Both versions are preferably used on a coloured background and never within continuous text. On a white background, the version with an outline should be used.

There is a special logo to mark FKM’s 50th anniversary. Our shareholders can use it in their marketing in addition to the existing advertising products.

An introduction to FKM, its work and objectives and the benefits for exhibitors and event organisers can be found here in the form of a MS PowerPoint presentation.

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Advertising material
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