Truth, clarity, certainty

FKM Partners voluntarily follow clear rules

Our determination to provide the exhibiting industry with objective exhibition data is both a voluntary commitment and a yardstick for us. All FKM Partners make a voluntary commitment to truth and clarity when providing information about their exhibitions. In that context only statistics about visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space which have been determined in accordance with the rules of FKM certification can be published.

All FKM Partners must register the exhibitions they conduct in Germany for the purposes of regular certification if three criteria are met: proportion of trade visitors is more than 50%, net exhibition space is greater than 4000 square metres (including special displays) and the number of visitors is greater than 2000. All other exhibitions can be registered on a voluntary basis.

In order that exhibitions can be measured objectively, we have developed a binding catalogue of definitions. They constitute a reliable basis for data from exhibitions being gathered in a uniform manner and being able to be compared over a number of years.

On the right sidebar you can download the FKM brochure ‚Certification‘. You can find further information on this subject in the Media Centre.

Auditing process

Independent, detailed, systematic

FKM exhibition statistics with guaranteed high level information value

The rules of FKM certification are the basis for the work of the FKM auditors. The renowned firm of auditors Ernst & Young certifies exhibition statistics on behalf of FKM in two steps: during the exhibition to be audited and afterwards, at the organiser’s offices.

The auditors check on site whether, for example, the visitor admission system is functioning correctly or whether people with pre-registrations and counterfoils of advance sale tickets were in fact present. Here, only individuals who are actually present as visitors (and exhibitors) are counted by FKM. The exhibitor’s perspective is also looked into: Are stands staffed? Do joint stands and special displays meet the FKM criteria?
Shortly after the exhibition, the next stage of the certification begins at the organiser’s offices. Here it is checked whether registrations and stand confirmations exist for all registered exhibitors, whether the results from the visitor admission system are plausible or whether the cash accounting matches the visitor numbers presented. Electronic admission systems are already certified separately prior to their first use.

FKM-certified exhibitions are examined on a systematic basis – for exhibitions with a three-year or longer cycle, every event is certified and for exhibitions with one-year and two-year cycles every second event is certified. In this way we can guarantee that all FKM exhibition statistics always have the same high level of informative value.

You can find further information on this subject in the Media Centre.