10 01, 2017

What actually is an international trade fair?

10 January 2017|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Practically every self-confident trade fair advertises itself as “international”. But in many cases it’s not clear what that actually refers to, and above all: above what level of exhibitors or › more

12 09, 2016

Planning 2017 exhibitions with certified data

12 September 2016|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how, Press releases|

Many companies are already beginning planning for exhibitions in 2017. For almost 130 German exhibitions over the first eight months of 2016 – from international trade fairs to regional public › more

13 06, 2016

What actually are net and gross exhibition space?

13 June 2016|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|

In exhibitors’ brochures, press releases or on the organiser’s website one often comes across indications of area in relation to an exhibition which are accompanied by the terms gross or › more

20 11, 2015

What actually is a trade visitor?

20 November 2015|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|Tags: |

The main decisive factor determining whether an exhibitor is successful is whether the visitors expected by the exhibitor are actually in attendance. A lack of clarity about the visitor structure › more

20 04, 2015

What actually is an exhibitor?

20 April 2015|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|Tags: |

When is a company considered to be an exhibitor at an exhibition? If its products can be seen anywhere at the exhibition, perhaps? Not quite, because in that case exhibitions › more