Our exhibition database has become an efficient and indispensable planning tools for many trade fair planners and marketing decision makers. Last year alone our service was queried more than 10,000 times by users from over 20 countries. In late January we improved the database to significantly accelerate searches on the FKM website and yield even more precise results.

Exhibition quick search

The exhibition quick search function now provides faster and higher hit rates for certified fairs. Its full-text function for exhibition names or locations analyses terms and produces a list of FKM-certified fairs. As a supplement to detailed searches in the exhibition database, this online tool on the FKM homepage is superbly suited to get trade fair planning off to a quick start. The detailed search can then include criteria such as industry, year, month and location, in order to find exhibitions whose names users had not previously known.

Detailed search function

The detailed search function itself has been improved as well. In addition to standard search fields such as name, location, organiser and year, there is now a streamlined option by sector: users can enter any term in the “industry” field and then select from the results.

Exhibition database – for planners success

The FKM exhibition database provides key figures on every certified fair in Germany and from guest members in Italy and China – and has done so for more than 50 years now. Its data are essential to planners seeking to successfully market their companies at exhibitions. The information is detailed, structured and updated on a daily basis. FKM certified around 200 trade fairs in its anniversary year 2016, and compiled visitor structure data on around 80% of these fairs.