The brochure entitled Euro Fair Statistics 2011 which has now been published by UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, contains audited exhibitor, space and visitor figures for 2,250 trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe. The brochure presents data from 12 auditing organisations in 21 countries, including Germany’s FKM. With these statistics the countries involved aim to facilitate the planning of trade fairs and evaluation of trade fair success, in particular for companies operating Europe-wide. This is the first time the report contains trade fairs in Turkey.

In total, the trade fairs and exhibitions audited reported 602,681 exhibitors, 62.6 million visitors and 22 million m² of rented space. 36% were fairs for trade visitors, 31% events for consumers only and 33% were fairs for trade visitors and the general public. UFI estimates that the audited trade fairs in this report represent 45% of the European exhibition market. The events covered took place in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.

In each case one or more public accountants or other independent organisations ensured the relevant rules were observed. The Society for Voluntary Control of Trade Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM) is responsible for the auditing system and the body of rules both in Germany and a number of exhibitions abroad.

The brochure entitled Euro Fair Statistics 2011, which is published only in English, can be downloaded at Media Centre, or from the UFI website at trade fair sectors/surveys menu.