At German trade fairs, exhibitors can reach large numbers of trade visitors with a high degree of decision-making authority: 58% of trade visitors to international and national trade fairs have direct or joint decision-making influence regarding the purchasing and sourcing decisions of their companies. This was the result of an evaluation of 110 visitor surveys from the year 2016 certified by FKM – the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics.

According to the survey, a further 20% of trade visitors have at least advisory influence within their companies. This group, too, is relevant from an exhibitor perspective. As users, the opinions of such people tend to be given a great deal of weight in group decisions.

The trade visitor surveys provide information about the visitors’ area of responsibility, their sector and their regional origin. Public visitor surveys inform about the regional origin and the age of the visitors and their purchasing and ordering activities.

All 2016 certified visitor surveys are available in the trade fair database.