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1 09, 2016

Approximately 60% decision-makers

1 September 2016|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|Tags: |

At German trade fairs, exhibitors can reach large numbers of trade visitors with a high degree of decision-making authority: 59% of trade visitors to international and national trade fairs have › more

24 08, 2016

FKM has a new website: emotional and user-friendly

24 August 2016|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|Tags: , |

The new website of FKM – the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics – has been online since mid-August 2016 ( The website conveys the central › more

20 06, 2016

FKM’s 50th annual report published

20 June 2016|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|Tags: |

FKM – the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics – has just published its 50th annual report on certified exhibition statistics. It consists of exhibitor, stand space › more

15 06, 2016

Visitor structure data by FKM

15 June 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

Today it is self-evident that exhibition participants and the specialist public will receive data about the visitor structure of an exhibition, i.e. information about where visitors come from, what sector › more

13 06, 2016

What actually are net and gross exhibition space?

13 June 2016|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|

In exhibitors’ brochures, press releases or on the organiser’s website one often comes across indications of area in relation to an exhibition which are accompanied by the terms gross or › more

30 05, 2016

1988: Exhibition statistics without borders

30 May 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

Exhibition statistics which crossed national borders in Europe were published for the first time at the end of the 1980s. The first “European Trade Fair and Exhibition Statistics 1988” contained › more

29 01, 2016

Carl Ferdinand von der Heyde

29 January 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

He was not only the first chairman of FKM from 1966 until 1974, but was also its initiator: Carl Ferdinand von der Heyde had a decisive influence on the first › more

25 01, 2016

A partner to industry for five decades

25 January 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

It was 1965 – Ludwig Erhard was still the German Federal Chancellor and the Rolling Stones made their first appearance in Germany – when six German exhibition companies agreed to › more

20 11, 2015

What actually is a trade visitor?

20 November 2015|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|Tags: |

The main decisive factor determining whether an exhibitor is successful is whether the visitors expected by the exhibitor are actually in attendance. A lack of clarity about the visitor structure › more

18 08, 2015

Key figures for about 2,300 exhibitions in Europe

18 August 2015|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|Tags: |

Exhibitor and visitor figures for 2,321 trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe are contained in the brochure entitled Euro Fair Statistics 2014 now published by UFI, The Global Association of › more