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2408, 2016

24. August 2016|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|

FKM has a new website: emotional and user-friendly

The new website of FKM – the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics – has been online since mid-August 2016 ( The website conveys the central function of › more

2006, 2016

20. June 2016|Categories: Press & Know-how, Press releases|Tags: |

FKM’s 50th annual report published

FKM – the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics – has just published its 50th annual report on certified exhibition statistics. It consists of exhibitor, stand space and visitor › more

1506, 2016

15. June 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

Visitor structure data by FKM

Today it is self-evident that exhibition participants and the specialist public will receive data about the visitor structure of an exhibition, i.e. information about where visitors come from, what sector they are › more

1306, 2016

13. June 2016|Categories: Know-how, Press & Know-how|

What actually are net and gross exhibition space?

In exhibitors’ brochures, press releases or on the organiser’s website one often comes across indications of area in relation to an exhibition which are accompanied by the terms gross or net, or › more

3005, 2016

30. May 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

1988: Exhibition statistics without borders

Exhibition statistics which crossed national borders in Europe were published for the first time at the end of the 1980s. The first “European Trade Fair and Exhibition Statistics 1988” contained statistics about › more

2901, 2016

29. January 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

Carl Ferdinand von der Heyde

He was not only the first chairman of FKM from 1966 until 1974, but was also its initiator: Carl Ferdinand von der Heyde had a decisive influence on the first decade of › more

2501, 2016

25. January 2016|Categories: 50 years FKM|

A partner to industry for five decades

It was 1965 – Ludwig Erhard was still the German Federal Chancellor and the Rolling Stones made their first appearance in Germany – when six German exhibition companies agreed to create uniform › more